Polish for Foreigners

Polish for Foreigners via Skype / Polski dla obcokrajowców przez Skype

You will start speaking Polish from the first day!

Learn Polish in a friendly atmosphere via Skype. Talking with a native speaker on Skype (and teachers of English, too:) is an excellent way to practice your Polish at your convenience. We offer individual Polish courses for foreigners for all levels.

We focus on conversational skills (speaking and listening) mainly but along with grammar and vocabulary and on learning as fast as possible. You don’t learn textbook Polish, but only the real Polish that native speakers use. We show you here a variety of ready listening and reading sources that are appropriate for Polish learners to use online and that push you to speak in Polish.

We provide our students with the highest quality of teaching with the best teaching staff (Real Polish Coaches) and an individual approach to every student.

Thanks to Skype, you can sit back and relax and benefit from the undivided attention of your online Polish teacher.

Contact us today with any questions! We’d love to help YOU improve your Polish!

100% Personal Attention

Native Polish Speakers

Fun & Interesting Lessons

Learn faster, remember longer

Complete flexibility in scheduling lessons.


60 min – 80 PLN / 27 USD / 16 GBP / 20 EUR (including all electronic copies of your learning materials)