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About Us

Learn English on Skype – Conversation Courses, Business English, Job interview training


We offer one-to-one Internet classes in conversation, Business English and job interview training.

The classes are designed to help you build your confidence in speaking English. We offer an easy and effortless way to become fluent in English really fast. We know and understand the difficulties learners experience when acquiring a second or third language.

Learn a language wherever you want and when you want

Enjoy online English classes with teachers who know the best ways to teach you speaking in English

Top 11 reasons to learn with us:

  1. You will see progress with every lesson.
  2. We offer 50 minutes conversation.
  3. You own personal tutor. All lessons are prepared for you by your teacher . So you get 100% attention from the teacher.
  4. We don’t use the web camera because it is more useful for improving listening and speaking skills. You improve your English 4-6 times faster.

    You learn with your ears not with your eyes.

  5. Flexible lessons times.
  6. You’ll gain the confidence of speaking English.
  7. We focus on conversational skills. We will show you how to use different Internet resources.
  8. We have many years of experience working with people from all over the world.
  9. EPROFESS offers Business English classes and help you with job interviews.
  10. Lesson material emailed to you. You can always email us any questions you have. We are also sending you through your email different learning resources which are really useful.
  11. We keep you up-to-date by using real-world materials. Every class is different.

We’d love to help YOU improve your English! And we know how to do it :-)

Don’t hesitate to contact us.
email: skype@anglobiznes.pl
Lessons can be taken between 08:00 and 22:00


All payments are made using PayPal or bank transfer:

1 lesson (50 minute session) - 13€/ 15$

Job interview training (1 lesson - 60 minute session) - 16€/18$

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